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Fluorangiografo Canon CF 1

::Get the best images for the best diagnosis—quickly, easily and comfortably

In terms of image quality and workflow efficiency, Canon’s digital retinal cameras are in a class of their own. Every aspect of image capturefrom the precision retinal imaging optics to the advanced digital SLR technology has been developed in-house to create a seamless, total imaging system that provides unsurpassed diagnostic image quality and
speed. The CF-1 takes this a step further with an all-new ergonomic design that makes it easier and more comfortable than ever to achieve precise images during color/red-free imaging and fluorescein angiography.

::Industry-leading image quality

The CF-1 integrates a digital SLR camera from Canon’s renowned EOS series equipped with a high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor that achieves ultra-high resolution images with superior detail, contrast, and color fidelity. The sensor’s high pixel count ensures that images are sharp and clear even when enlarged, and its high sensitivity reduces the amount of light needed for image capture, a factor that helps increase patient comfort during examinations. After capture, images are transferred to the connected PC for immediate on-screen observation.

Industry-leading image quality

::Intuitive, comfortable operation

The streamlined, ergonomic design of the CF-1 is not only inviting in appearance, it makes the camera a pleasure to operate. It’s easily adjustable to comfortably accommodate each examinee. Smooth, precise pan and tilt movement allows you to easily achieve desired views of the retina without requiring the examinee to move their gaze. Alignment and focus is easy as well, helping you to complete exams in less time.

Intuitive, comfortable operation

::50-degree angle of view

The high-precision Canon optics of the CF-1 achieves wide, extremely detailed retinal images at a 50-degree angle of view. The 50-degree view angle enables easier alignment and focusing, with fewer errors and less flash flare—even with smaller pupil sizes. Additionally, only a low amount of light is needed to capture clear images.

::2x digital magnification

With one push of a button on the CF-1 control panel, you can get a closer, more enlarged view of the retina for immediate review on the connected PC. “2x mode” works by automatically cropping out the peripheral edges of the image so that the region of interest is larger in the frame, making it quick and easy to confirm image focus and other factors. The end result looks the same as optical magnification yet is achieved in a fraction of the time. Close-ups are exceptionally clear and detailed thanks to the high pixel count of the integrated digital SLR camera.

::Easy alignment and focus

Get clear, sharply-focused images every time in two simple steps. First, align the two halves of a split line using the focusing knob to bring the image into focus. Then adjust the working distance to avoid flash flare by shifting the joystick until the two side dots are clear in the viewfinder.

Easy alignment and focus

::Ergonomic control panel

Controls for key features—such as shutter release, lamp setting, ISO adjustment, and mode switching—are grouped together for easy one-handed operation in darkened rooms.

Ergonomic control panel

::Motorized chin rest

The motorized chin rest can be moved up and down to accommodate the examinee's height using a pair of buttons located on the unit's control panel.

::Compact, streamlined design

All CF-1 functions are integrated into a single, streamlined tabletop unit with a power supply that’s built into the base. The new compact design enables closer face-to-face interaction with the examinee and allows easy access to the examinee’s eye. And the detachable digital camera conveniently receives its power through the body of the CF-1, so there’s no separate AC adapter to plug in and cables are kept neatly tucked out of the way.